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We'll Take Care of the Cleaning!

Exceptional Cleaning Services For Busy People

You know that wonderful feeling of coming home after a long day and experiencing a perfectly clean house? That's what we do for all our clients. We all love having a fresh and well-maintained environment. However, life circumstances and other commitments often get in the way, or heck .. maybe you just don't want to spend your well earned free time cleaning your house!  That is where you put your trust in our professional cleaning team.  Our services at Dust Bunny Exterminators make your life more enjoyable ridding your space of grime and cobwebs while giving you back your time and peace of mind.  We believe in every customer of ours enjoying an easy, transparent and thorough cleaning experience from Dust Bunny Exterminators.


We have been providing reliable and professional services for over 5 years, adhering to the highest level of discretion and professionalism, allowing you to return to find your space fresh and sparkling. We offer eco-friendly products

and practices and adhere to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Our efficient and comprehensive cleaning services are enjoyed by homeowners, renters, young families, busy professionals, seniors and real estate agents in the

Beaumont and south Edmonton areas.


Our services include:

Scheduled cleaning
One-time cleaning
Move-in/out cleaning
Spring cleaning
Appliance cleaning (e.g. oven)
Upholstery cleaning
Steam cleaning
Carpet cleaning

If you are thinking about hiring a professional to assist you in your cleaning needs, contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

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Enjoy Your Home!

With our affordable cleaning services, it’s time for you to get back to enjoying what really matters in your life!

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